If you’ve ever considered making music with software (on either Mac or PC) but you’re worried about getting the wrong thing, not being good enough or not knowing what you’re looking for then this could be the most important thing you’ll read.

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can make amazing music so fast and easy that your friends and family will wonder where you were hiding this musical talent.

And the funny thing is even if you’ve never even touched an instrument…

… you already have everything you need.

But I remember when I first heard that. I laughed at the guy that had said it. But don’t laugh – hear me out! Everyone is impressed by music. If you can sing or play an instrument you’re instantly talented and interesting.

And I wanted that. I wanted to make my own music and impress people. And, I’ll be honest, the idea of making money to make music is certainly more appealing than a boring job I hate. But I had a problem – I had no talent. No idea what I was doing. And I was using the wrong tool. As it turns out, only two of these things were a problem.

I made a few tunes and was playing around for a bit. At one point I thought I was actually getting good and started to like the music I was making. The problem started when I got up the guts to play them for someone else.

They smiled and nodded but it was obvious what they really thought. I hate to admit it but it crushed me. In fact for a long time I gave up and didn’t touch it again.

That’s when I met Jess.

… That’s when I discovered my hidden talent.

And that’s when he told me the words which stuck with me:

Jess loved music. He loved everything about music. But he was like me – he had never touched an instrument.

That didn’t stop him from making a living playing music and having thousands of fans listening to his music online. It was hard to talk to him alone because everyone was always crowding him asking about music.

I’m not really sure how I ended up there – but I told him I’d tried to make music. I even ended up showing him my original tracks. I expected him to laugh at me…

…but actually he smiled.

Turns out this was my “Ah Ha” moment. Turns out this was the day I become a digital musician. Jess installed some software for me and we watched through a couple of videos on how to use it.

By the end of the day I’d made another track I was proud of. And it didn’t stop there.

As well as the software and videos Jess actually had a four step system to make and promote his music. He didn’t think it was such a big deal but I was amazed at how easy it was to get fans online.

Within a week I had started to make tracks and actually had fans online. I wouldn’t know which end of a guitar to hold but I was a music artist and had actual fans. One of my latest tracks even went viral and hit over 320,000 views. I couldn’t believe I did this. Neither did anyone else… at first.

There’s a weird thing which happens when you become very successful at something. Things can get a little weird with people you’ve known before and my friends thought I was holding out on them and had been doing this for ages. The truth was that with this system I just picked everything up so easily… but I was happy to show them how I did it.

I tried to pay Jess for his system but he wouldn’t hear of it. He said he did what he died to help another artist and that’s why he created the steps in the first place. He’d showed a few of his friends who went on to create some pretty sick beats (and some even followed the fourth step and have fans) but he was looking to show more people.

And that’s how I’m going to pay him back. I made this site to help spread his system so anyone can not only learn how to make music – but how to produce it themselves.

If you’ve ever thought about making music then this is for you. If you want to uncover that hidden talent you never knew you had (and would have gone on ignored) then this is for you. If you want to get the same tools, videos and simple four step system then this is for you.

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